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THEGOODBOOKCLUBSt. Andrew's will join Episcopalians around the world to read the Gospel according to Luke during Lent and the Book of Acts during Eastertide in 2018. We will start reading Luke on Sunday, February 11 and read a section of Luke’s Gospel every day through the season of Lent. The entire season of Easter will be devoted to daily readings from the Book of Acts. We hope you’ll join us on this journey!

How does it work?
We'll follow this list of daily readings which divides Luke and Acts into 50 days each. Each day, participants will read a few verses of Luke or Acts. If you are a regular reader of Forward Day by Day, you can easily follow along because Luke and Acts will guide the reflections during Lent-Easter 2018.

Join Us on Sunday Mornings
Our Sunday Adult Forum (9:15 a.m. in the parish hall) will be a discussion of each week's Good Book Club readings. You don't want to miss it!

Follow the Good Book Club on Facebook and Instagram
We'll be posting the daily readings on our Facebook and Instagram, along with resources and conversation from the wider church. If you don't follow us, now is a great time to start!

An invitation from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry


Resources for the Journey

Good Book Club Calendars
As a gift from Anne+, everyone is invited to pick up a copy of the calendars that follow the Good Book Club readings: Luke during Lent, and Acts through Eastertide. The poster-sized calendars are illustrated by cartoonist and Episcopal priest Jay Sidebotham and each day lists the reading and features a colorable quote or cartoon. Calendars can be picked up in the Main Street lobby.

Good Book Club Bible Study Participant Guide

Online Resources

The Good Book Club website recommends numerous resources that you might want to check out.

Hometown: a podcast from Episcopal Migration Ministries featuring voices from across the U.S., the church, and the immigrant and refugee community. A blog will accompany the podcast featuring written reflections, art, photography, music, and videos from podcast guests and others.

The Collect Call: weekly podcast focusing on themes and aspects of the readings from Luke and Acts.

Self(ie)-Reflections: a weekly video series with leaders (laity, clergy, and seminarians) from around the Episcopal Church reflecting on where they see the mission of God in each week’s readings.

Vital Practices: Episcopal Church Foundation bloggers will choose a reading from Luke that resonates with them and their ministry and write a related blog post.

Faith-at-Home: reflections and activities for families.

Luke the Liberator: A free video curriculum for Lent. Each of the five video-based classes features four video presentations as well as introductions and discussion questions. Each class lasts about an hour.

Grow Christians: stories from parents who are reading and reflecting on Luke and Acts at home with children and teens.

Last Published: March 26, 2018 8:01 AM