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On Sunday, October 8, St. Andrew's Stewardship Team kicked-off of this year’s “Grateful Generosity” Pledge Campaign. During this stewardship season, fellow parishioners will provide Sunday morning testimonials as to why they give and why they view it as crucial to the sustainability of our parish. On October 12, Susan and I hosted an event at our home to gather and celebrate the joy of giving together. About 70 people were able to attend and brought their completed pledge cards that evening to lead by example by committing early. It is our hope that all others will be able to return their pledge cards no later than Commitment Sunday, November 12.

During this important stewardship season of “Grateful Generosity”, we encourage you to prayerfully consider your gratitude to God and reexamine the importance of St. Andrew’s within your own lives as you continue on your spiritual journey. Please remember that our personal commitments are not only an investment in our own Christian faith, but are also a key ingredient in drawing others into a ‘deeper knowledge of, love of, and service to the Lord.’

-- Randy & Susan Bryant, Stewardship Team Leaders

Click here to read Stewardship Team leaders Randy & Susan Bryant's letter.

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St. Andrew's parishioners share the reasons for their Grateful Generosity to St. Andrew's

Each week during the Grateful Generosity campaign, parishioners will share their stories here.

From Debbie Tanner:

I support St. Andrew’s every year for many reasons. I’m always impressed by the quality and quantity of our outreach projects, including St. Andrew’s School, that impact our community and beyond. I want to make sure we attract and keep our talented staff and clergy. I love that our buildings and sanctuary are well cared for and that we enjoy wonderful music each week. The educational opportunities, for young and old alike, are plentiful as well. There are so many reasons to celebrate and support St. Andrew’s!

From Samantha and Steve Howell:

The question has been asked, “Why do we pledge?” The short and immediate response is responsibility, commitment to the church, and obligation.  A deeper look at this begs a bit more reflection. The church remains one of the few strongholds that one can come to for solace, comfort, and spiritual hope. I can’t imagine being sustained without it. It is a blessing to be a part of St. Andrew’s, with our beautiful church, ministers, staff, and certainly our enveloping and supportive congregation. We owe this to those who came before us, and it is imperative that the church always remain for those who will follow us. Above all of these things is gratitude for God’s grace. When making a financial commitment to St. Andrew’s, the reminder of daily gratitude and thankfulness to God is only made stronger.

From Mary Neale:

I give to St. Andrew’s because I LOVE my church.  It is just like my home; I give to help take care of it just like I do my own home.  Both St. Andrew’s and my home have been a huge part of my life.  Dad bought my house when I was two months old and I was baptized and confirmed at St. Andrew’s. I was essentially gone for 30 years from Newport News and upon coming back in 2000, to take care of my parents; it was like I had never left St. Andrew’s.  I always feel at home, at peace, safe and LOVED there. Just like being in my own home the same feeling is at St. Andrew’s.  I look at my little lamb in the stained glass above the altar and a calmness comes over me.  I love my home and I LOVE St. Andrew’s.  That is why I give to MY church.


Last Published: October 16, 2017 10:31 AM