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Commitment Sunday is November 4.

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Summer is quickly coming to an end, the days are getting shorter, and fall is now upon us. It is a time for all of us to reflect on the plentiful blessings that God provides to each of us and to prayerfully consider how we can best express our gratitude to the Lord and assist the mission of St. Andrew’s by assuring a strong financial foundation upon which to support not just the bricks and mortar of our parish, but also the essential ministries that we offer and administer.

Once again this year Susan and I will be your stewardship co-chairs and are pleased to announce this season’s “Abundant Blessings” Pledge Campaign. Our Kickoff Sunday this year is September 23, and beginning with that service you will hear from a variety of our parishioners through Commitment Sunday on November 4. You will hear in their own words why it is important to them to support St. Andrew’s, and what the church and the concept of stewardship personally mean to each of them. 

To those who are longtime stewards of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, we are hopeful that you will continue the positive momentum that we developed during our “Grateful Generosity” campaign last year by increasing your year-over-year pledge during this season’s “Abundant Blessings” campaign. For those who may be new to our parish or who have not yet had the calling to participate in previous stewardship campaigns, we ask you to reflect upon your relationship with God and the church and to consider how you are best able to support the St. Andrew’s mission. With pledge time upon us, please remember that our personal commitments are not only an investment in our own Christian faith, but are also a key ingredient in drawing others into a ‘deeper knowledge of, love of, and service to the Lord.’

-- Randy & Susan Bryant, Stewardship Team Leaders


Time, Talent and Treasure – to Whom Do They Belong?

Not to me!  I know that my time, talent and treasure are gifts from God so it seems only natural that I give back to God.  None of the three were mine to create; only to use to the best of my ability.

But why do I specifically give to St. Andrew’s?  Easy.  Because I love St. Andrew’s and feel blessed to call it my church home.  I cannot imagine my 55 years as a resident of Newport News without having St. Andrew’s as the foundation for my Christian life.  Through St. Andrew’s I first learned from Doug Burgoyne and Howard Saunders that the lyrics of my father’s favorite hymn were true: the Church’s one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord!

At St. Andrew’s Jesus Christ is alive and well.  He is our foundation and is in our midst inspiring daily examples of love, generosity and acceptance.  Each time I volunteer, attend a worship service or meet a St. Andrew’s friend in the community, I see God in action.  I love that!

This year I pledge to take an inventory of my time, talent and treasure and use them wisely to help strengthen not only the foundation of our church but the foundation of our lives together as one body in Christ.

I pray that in the upcoming year we can all share our God-given time, talent and treasure to build a church that will influence and serve the surrounding community for another 100 years.

Jackie Legg Wash

We are doing something important!

When I was a child our family went to church every Sunday.  There was never any question or decision to be made week-to-week whether or not we were going – we were.  As we took our seats, daddy would give me a quarter to put into the offering plate.  As I got a little older, the quarter became a dollar.  But it was always money that was given to me, never my own money.

When I was a young adult I fell away from attending church except when visiting my parents.  But when Al and I married, we made the decision to attend regularly as a couple.  When the offering plate came around we gave, but we didn’t pledge.

Our lives progressed and we found ourselves the parents of two small children.  Following in our parents’ footsteps, we went to church every Sunday.  We gave each of the children a quarter to put in the offering plate.  One week our son asked what the money was for.  We said to help people in need and to take care of the church and the people who work there.  The next Sunday he emptied his whole piggy bank and put the money in the offering plate.  He was excited to be giving his own money.  The smile on his face said it all. He was only 4 or 5, but he felt like he was doing something great and important!

That’s why we give to St. Andrew’s.  We know we are doing something great and important!  And we make a commitment through our pledge so our leaders can plan for the year with confidence.

St. Andrew’s has stood on this corner for a century.  Al and I have only been here for a short fraction of that time, but as your parish administrator, I’ve had a front row seat to all the good we do together and the way we care for one another and the greater community.  When someone asks what church I attend, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride when I answer, “I am a member of St. Andrew’s!”

Rachel Roby

St. Andrew's is my steady rock

I did not grow up in the Episcopal Church.  While at camp in my younger years, we had an outdoor Episcopal service each Sunday, and I fell in love with the liturgy and the hymns.  Years later when I was engaged to Johnny, an Episcopalian, we decided to have the wedding at St. Andrew’s even though we were not members because we wanted Howard Saunders to marry us (his very first solo wedding).  It wasn’t until seven years later, when we moved back to Newport News from Hampton, that we joined the church.

I always knew I wanted to be a member here.  Since that time, the church has nourished our children and us in so many ways.  The congregation is like one big family to me.  The people here take a sincere interest in each other’s welfare and are here for each other.  The music continues to draw me close to God. Thank you, Brad and Matthew. 

There have been so many changes in the years I have been a member, but the constant factors are the liturgy, the music, the education, and the caring both inside and outside of the church.  It offers ample opportunity for outreach in the church and in the community.  There are such few safe places now where one can study and express one’s faith, and our church offers such a variety of opportunities: Christian education, Women of the Word, and Bible Study to name a few.  In such a turbulent world, there is a strong need for keeping us on a good and faithful path.  St. Andrew’s is a steady rock in my life.

Margie Holt

St. Andrew's is home

When asked to say a few words about why I choose to give of my time, talent, and treasure to St. Andrew’s, the first phrase which popped into my mind was: “it is the place to which I come home.”  I come home to community and I come home to worship, pray, study, and take part in Eucharist.  These things occur elsewhere, but there is a deep sense of returning to what I know and love when I enter St. Andrew’s.  And I get to walk to church!

Ann Lee

Sustaining my spiritual home

I give to St. Andrew’s to sustain the building and the staff of the place where I go to be reminded of what our Lord and his Son have given and give to me daily!

Martha Field

Last Published: October 15, 2018 9:06 AM