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Turkey Sandwich Day


Friday, December 20, 2019  at 9 a.m.

turkey sandwich dayCome join us for this St. Andrew's tradition as we make and deliver 550 bag lunches for the annual Christmas Party in downtown Newport News on Saturday, December 21.  This is one of our most favorite outreach ministries of the year.  Here are ways you can help with this ministry:

Here’s what we still need by Wednesday, Dec. 18:

  • 550 applesauces
  • 550 plastic spoons
  • 502 6” candy canes
  • 678 individual chip items
  • 1,080 individual cookie items
  • 940 individual cracker items
  • 1,100 paper napkins
  • 1,100 salts packets*
  • 1,100 pepper packets*
  • 1,100 mayonnaise packets*
  • 1,100 bottles of water*

  * we will get these with monetary donations

AND we need YOU to help on the 20th, trucks and vans to deliver the lunches to Youth Challenge, and your donation if you would rather we shop for you.

Please contact Bill Wilds (595-0371 or saec.bill19@verizon.net) if you have any questions about this outreach ministry or to volunteer to help. And he will gladly accept your monetary donations if you would like for him to purchase any of the above items for you.

Last Published: December 5, 2019 7:49 AM