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In-person Sunday worship and all other in-person Christian Formation are canceled until further notice
Virtual services will continue. Click here to join our virtual worship each Sunday.

Upcoming outreach events that need YOU!
There are several upcoming outreach efforts that need your participation - Blessing and Hygiene Bags, MAGIS (Mittens And Gloves Including Scarves), and PORT. Click here for information on all upcoming projects.

Get help getting a COVID vaccine
Many of us who qualify, but have not received a vaccine, are concerned where and when such vaccines are available.  To help you navigate through the process, Samantha Howell (291-1566), Louise Ragland (880-2237), or Bill Wilds (880-5460) are willing to assist you to register with the health department or your personal physician and/or to find locations where the vaccines are being given.  We can help you over the phone, or if you would like to come masked to the church, one of us will meet you here to assist you.

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