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Adult Forum on Sunday morning

The Forum meets Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. in the Parish Hall.

12 - Racism Response Team (with Ron Graves and Corky Brooks)
19 - Love Is the Way (with David Lilley, Anne Kirchmier, and Marc Vance)
26 - Love Is the Way, session 2

3 - Love Is the Way, session 3
10 - Love Is the Way, session 4
17 - Love Is the Way, session 5
24 - Love Is the Way, session 6
31 - Ministry Fair

7 - God in All of It (with Dan Waddill)
14 - God in All of It, session 2
21 - The Past Is Never Dead: Compounding Socio-Environmental Impacts of Segregation in Hampton Roads with CNU prof. Dr. John Finn.
28 - no forum (Thanksgiving weekend)

5 - Long Expected Messiah, Unexpected Jesus (with Margaret Bivins)
12 - Different Ways the Bible Describes God (with John Herbst)
19 - Different Ways the Bible Describes God, session 2
26 - no forum (Christmas)

During the Week

Centering Prayer
Centering prayer groups meet on Wednesday evenings at 5:15 p.m. and on Thursday mornings at 7:30 a.m. All are welcome, no matter your level of experience with centering prayer practice. Contact David Lilley for more information. 

Women of the Word (WOW) Bible Study
Women of the Word is on hiatus until January 2022. If you are interested in joining us, please email Peggy Woodall (pwoodall@verizon.net) or Gloria Brooks (gloriasbrooks@hotmail.com) for more info. Please join us and bring a friend!

Thursday Morning Bible Study
Thursday morning Bible study meets Thursdays at 10 a.m. in the Parish Library. All are invited to attend. We are studying and discussing the readings for the week. Hope to see you there!

Christian Formation offerings for Children

Children’s Chapel
We are expanding our program to include recreation on the playground. In fact, we will meet there on Sundays beginning at 10:15 AM.  Lessons will be based on Bill Gordh’s Building a Children’s Chapel One Story at a Time as well as the readings from the Episcopal Liturgical calendar.  We like to treat our Children’s Chapel as a ‘one-room schoolhouse’ where all children aged 3 through 5th grade learn together, the older ones helping the younger ones to understand God’s abundant love for them.  To that end, recreation on the playground will be followed by a Bible storytime and a craft with children returning to the church to join their parents for communion. A small snack will also be provided. Parents are always welcome to participate in Children’s Chapel – we love their input and extra hands and may need the extra supervision at times. We look forward to seeing you there!

Online On-Demand

St. Andrew’s podcast: Love Your Neighbor
Tune in to St. Andrew’s podcast, Love Your Neighbor, with ears to listen and hearts to feel as we talk with all types of people about the challenging issues our world faces and ways to cope with the fear and anxiety many people are feeling right now.  It is available on Google Podcasts and  Apple Podcasts, and episodes are released every week.

Video series: Conversations on Racism
Click here for video conversations between our rector, Anne Kirchmier and members of the community that explore racism and white privilege.

Family Resource Center
Click here for worship, prayer and formation resources for families to use while observing "safer at home" guidelines.

Praying on Instagram
Follow St. Andrew’s on Instagram (@standrewsnn) for prayers posted several days a week, along with beautiful photography by members of St. Andrew’s.

Devotion & Prayer Resources
Daily prayer and scripture reading is a vital part of any Christian's life. Our website offers some online resources that you might find helpful for your daily practice. Click here.

Video of "Islam for Christians" lecture series
Over six weeks, John Herbst, Ph.D., presented the "Islam for Christians" lecture series. Each talk was video recorded for later viewing. Click here for more info.

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